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DFW Green - promoting green building and LEED certification

DFW Green

Welcome to DFW Green

DFW Green - promoting green building and LEED certificationGreen buildings. Green technology. We hear these catch-phrases quite frequently these days. We also hear frequently about Energy Star ratings. In all honesty few of us can say we are not in business to make a profit. Nowhere else does this hold more true that in the construction industry.

Rising fuel costs have made the construction industry's challenge of providing a competitive bid on a construction project more difficult. Finding the best pricing on quality building materials and consistently meeting phase deadlines can impact overall costs significantly.

When all is said and done what really are the benefits of LEED certification? Let's look at some hard data:

  • LEED certified buildings command $11.24 per square foot over their competitors for rental properties.
  • LEED certified buildings rake in $171 per square foot more than their competitors which is good news for investors.
  • Lower operating costs versus higher sales prices.
  • Energy efficient fixtures mean less electricity is utilized.
  • Lower gas emissions mean better quality of air.
  • Statewide there are financial incentives, zoning accommodations and tax breaks for businesses that go with refitting that complies with environmentally friendly technology and materials.
  • Less landfill waste which means fewer fines for improper disposal procedures or violations.
  • Less lobbying required to obtain cooperation from local officials in refitting old buildings or construction of new buildings because the green buildings are good for the environment and those who live in the community.
  • Healthy living and work spaces mean a healthier community.
  • Profits increase due to the asset value of LEED certification.

Looking at the facts, a compelling case for LEED certification is made. This certification when combined with Energy Star rated appliances and fixtures means investors, contractors, tenants, business owner all reap the rewards of green buildings. Plus the environment benefits by more biodegradable materials, less decomposition time and less space needed for landfills. There are opportunities to turn garbage and trash into energy sources. Low flow water fixtures mean less water usage. Those that have successfully constructed new buildings using the latest in green technology and those who have done green 'refits' have paved the way for others to follow suit. As public awareness is raised about green buildings both residential and commercial, large organizations will be influenced to conform to the environmentally friendly standards.

Supply and demand drive big business. If enough people gather together, political influence comes into play. This in turn leads to change in legislation as special interests groups lobby for changes. What an exciting time the new millennium has brought us as we see more environmental awareness. We all have an opportunity to do our part to co-exist in harmony with the environment. Thanks to extensive research and pioneers in the field of technology we are always looking for new and improved ways to expand sustainable development without harming the environment.

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This website was created as a public service to promote green building and LEED certification in Dallas / Fort Worth (DFW) Texas, by Bob Moore Construction. Located in DFW, Bob Moore Construction has been a leading construction company in Texas since 1946, and is a member of Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), Tilt-up Concrete Association (TCA), The American Concrete Institute (ACI) and the OSHA Local Partnership Program.



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